The best gift we could give tickets – you pay taxes – valid in Business class or in Economy class!

You can choose to enjoy your rewards yourself or even give them to people of your choice for their greatest pleasure!

To exchange your Miles for a reward ticket :

  • Check the number of Miles necessary to obtain a reward ticket
  • Verify that you have enough Miles in your Azur Plus account
  • Reserve your reward ticket with Azur Plus at 0826 092 021 (France only; €0.12/min.) and by email at
  • Reward tickets are valid for one year (excluding promotion) from your travel date.

Note : In order to take into consideration your request, we remind you that all rewards’ requests must be done 08 days before the date of departure.

Reward ticket schedules :

*Depending the season

To enjoy your reward tickets at any time, you have the choice between two schedules:

  • Low-Miles schedule:
    • Economical in terms of number of Miles.
    • Subject to a limited number of seats, available outside high season.
    • Date modifications : €80 fee
    • Missed flight : €100 fee to postpone the ticket
    • Changes to name or itinerary not authorised.
  • Extra-Miles schedule:
    • Available all year, without restrictions, subject to available seats.
    • Worth double the Miles as the Low-Miles schedule.
    • Reservation modification : free.
    • Missed flight : €100 fee to postpone the ticket.
    • Changes to name or itinerary not authorised.

In case of cancellation of a reward ticket :

  • 8 days before departure : no fee;
  • 3-8 days : 25% of Miles withheld;
  • Within 3 days before departure : 50% of Miles withheld.
  • In case of no fee (Miles) , 25€ penalty by ticket

Reward tickets low Miles :

Note : + Extra Miles scales, available all year for double miles of the Low-Miles scale.

Your Miles are valid for three years; remember to take full advantage of them while they are valid !