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Azur Plus offers a range of benefits to enable you to enjoy :


-       Preferential rates in conjunction with our partners: 

* WeCab: benefit from a 10% further reduction on the price of your journey. Available in Paris’ railway stations and airports, discover your promotion code here.

* Get 12% off on Smartbox gift boxes. Discover your promotion code here.

 * 1 place bought = 1 place offered in Sea Life Aquarium - Paris Val d'Europe : discover your code here

 * Ector Parking: get 15% off on your Ectot bookin and discover your code.

  * Parkineo, get 10% off on your parking with your code


-       Additional bonuses such as extra baggage, award tickets, and upgrades!


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Extra rewards!



Rewards tickets

The best gift we could give tickets – you pay taxes – valid in Business class or in Economy class!


Excess luggage

Enjoy the new rewards offer of 2 kilos of excess baggage for 1,100 miles!

Valid between Marseilles and Algiers.

Don’t forget the option to convert your miles to extra baggage allowance for trips to Portugal and Senegal too!


Why not get upgraded?

Book your economy class ticket and travel in business class for the same price – it’s a dream come true!